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A little message to beloved readers

"When i look back on my life, it's not that i don't want to see things exactly as they happened.
It's just that i prefer to remember them in an artistic way"

Lady Gaga told me that phrases on her brand new 14-minutes music video, Marry The Night.
And surely everyone has a different meaning about that words.
But in my case, i think she wants to tells us that we don't need to drowned deeper in our past.
Well, everything was happened on that way, and regrets won't put a good ending to them.
So, no need to care truthfully about our bad behind.
Just make it as a lesson to learn, then face your brand-new day dealing with positive thoughts.

Be positive, be optimist
Have a nice day :)


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Choir Tiberias Senayan City

sampe skarang gue ngga bisa bayangin apa jadinya gue kalo gue ngga ketemu sama satu komunitas yg luar biasa ancur ini (mungkin agak lebai yah)
tapi emang bener.
ini adalah salah satu anugerah Tuhan yg keren banget dalam hidup gue.

gue ngga pernah nyesel bisa kenal TIBERIAS CHOIR.
terlebih keluarga baru gue : TIBERIAS CHOIR SENAYAN CITY
makasih ya kak sarah saya ditaro disini ;))
Choir Tiberias SenCy ini beranggotakan 11 orang aktif sampai saat ini.

1. Bella : cewe kelas 1 SMK tapi jiwanya masih kelas 6 SD
2. Dape : umur 20taun muka 16taun (??)
3. Devina : si sipit adenya jesika yg kerjaannya BBMan mulu, tapi takut kalo disuruh nge-leader, hahaha
4. Candra : hambaNya yg suka telat. sekali dia ngomong tentang kasih karunia, ngga ada yg bisa ngejawab !
5. Ellen : si cumi seksi konsumsi, kalo dia ngga masuk, gue mendadak laper (????)
6-7. Mega - Megi : si kembar menado anak BSD yg paling update soal Boanerges
8. Nadya : si Chubby, memiliki kisah tersendiri dalam gereja Tiberias. hahahaha
9. Paulus : an…

"Where words fail, music speaks."

Pernah kebayang ngga sih lo orang hidup ga ada musik?

Ga ada lagu, ga ada nada.
Ga ada alat musik.
Ga ada soundtrack.
Ga ada sound effects di film2 atau di FTV-yang-bisa-bikin-supir-angkot-sama-orang-kaya-jadian
Ga ada suara2 yg bikin tegang kalo Tersanjung-6-mau-bersambung-trus-muka-artisnya-zoom-in-zoom-out.
Ga ada tuh india joget2 di taman bunga atau ballroom wedding.

I think, I really can NOT live in that kind of world.
It could be boring. So damn boring.

Gw kalau pergi kemanapun, apalagi jaraknya agak jauh, earphone adalah barang yang bener2 harus standby.
Selama di kantong celana gw masih ada duit, it doesn’t matter if I left my wallet at home.
Tapi kalo udah namanya earphone ketinggalan, no matter how far, gw harus balik lagi ngambil earphone.
Gw bukan tipe orang yg royal (ya, bukan royal, tapi hedon -__-)
Gw ngga berpikir 2x untuk beli earphone yg mungkin harganya sama kaya harga henpon2 cina yg kameranya ada 4
Iya empat.
Ya menurut lo aja, gw bacanda juga kali. Buat apa ju…


Lionheart. It usually means brave, since the lion has always been a symbol of courage. This ‘lion-heart’ term is used for a person who possesses exceptional courage and fortitude. He must be a bold person. He can deal with any kind of danger or fear. The courage that makes it such has to have come from a heart that has too much strength and determination. Fearlessness is the attribute that most closest to being a Lionheart.
To take any challenge head on despite the obvious resistance, just a step prior to being suicidal, is a Lionheart, for having the power within him to overcome any obstacles on his way.

In the other side, it also means that his mind is like a King – who care for others and not selfish, who doesn’t harm others for no reason.

Eventually, all the picture about Lionheart above still hasn’t reached me yet. Am I brave? Am I that bold? Do I believe in myself? Can I deal with all the obstacles? Still I care for others rather than mine?
Not yet.
Then why Sam?
For being stron…