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Lionheart. It usually means brave, since the lion has always been a symbol of courage. This ‘lion-heart’ term is used for a person who possesses exceptional courage and fortitude. He must be a bold person. He can deal with any kind of danger or fear. The courage that makes it such has to have come from a heart that has too much strength and determination. Fearlessness is the attribute that most closest to being a Lionheart.
To take any challenge head on despite the obvious resistance, just a step prior to being suicidal, is a Lionheart, for having the power within him to overcome any obstacles on his way.

In the other side, it also means that his mind is like a King – who care for others and not selfish, who doesn’t harm others for no reason.

Eventually, all the picture about Lionheart above still hasn’t reached me yet. Am I brave? Am I that bold? Do I believe in myself? Can I deal with all the obstacles? Still I care for others rather than mine?
Not yet.
Then why Sam?
For being stron…